At Star HFS Wellness Centre, we offer the safest, painless and non-invasive Anti-Ageing, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Firming, and Weight Loss Treatment.

Fat reduction procedures at Star HFS Wellness Centre focus on non-invasive contouring, tummy tuck, getting rid of cellulite and smoothing out your body at places where stubborn fat still exists.

We will help you to reach your fitness and beauty goals.

During the application – all you have to do is sit back and relax. There is no discomfort, no pain, no downtime and no scarring and results are noticeable.


Aesthetic Treatments:


Face Lifts

Neck Lifts


Face Contour Re-modelling

Skin Rejuvenation

Breast Lift

Buttocks Lift


Weight Loss:

Tummy Tight

Bingo Wings

Cellulites removal,

Skin Firming & Tightening & Tonning

Pre & Post Cosmetic Surgery

Lymphatic Drainage

Fluid Retention/odema

Sports Rehabilitation:

Pain Therapy

Enhance pre-competition performance

Post competition recovery

Fast athletic recovery & rehabilitation

Accident Trauma Prevention




Removal of fibrosis

Mobilization of fluids

Scarring after surgery

Circulation improvement

Activation of metabolism

Tissue repair

Pain Management:

To improve mobility

Acute & Chronic Pain

Frozen Shoulder

Disk Hernia




Cervical Whiplash

Muscle contracture




Low back pain

Absorption of Hematomas

Faster Recovery After Surgery


We offer aesthetic treatments, Pain Management, Sports Rehabilitation and Weight Loss.

They are:


Pain Free

Clinically Proven.

Before & After

Powerful NON-surgical NON-invasive treatments

* Treatments done within an hour

* Visible results within first 3 sessions

* Very affordable


10 reviews on
Umm Nuh
Umm Nuh
I struggle with back pain due to disc bulges, subsequent sciatica and a ligament issue. After being highly recommended to have a consultation at the clinic, i decided to explore this non-invasive therapy and am delighted that it has reduced my extremely tender and debilitating pain. After each session i have benefitted from a reduction in pain and improved movement. In fact missing a session proved to highlight the benefit of this therapy for me. The experience has been very friendly, professional and very accommodating to my individual issues and needs. I hope to continue this course of treatment and highly recommend it for those struggling with inflammation and pain management.
Julie Treanor
Julie Treanor
I've only had one facial with Aamner so far and it was lovely and very relaxing and I'm looking forward to the next one...would recommend 👌
mosely 2014
mosely 2014
Very impressed with the treatment that I received for the shoulder pain. I was able to see the difference in shoulder movement soon after the first treatment where I was been able to lift should painlessly which I couldn’t before. I would highly recommend their service for their smart non invasive procedure carried out very professionally and it yields effective results. I look forward to our follow-up sessions. Thank you for the consult and the treatment.
Rachael Bennett
Rachael Bennett
I have loved my experience so far at HFS wellness, prior to going to see Amena my skin looked tired and the signs of aging where certainly visible. After just one session my skin looked more youthful and glowed, I was getting compliments on my skin for the first time in ages. That was it for me and couldn’t wait to book my next session, I had another session yesterday and I’m over the moon, I look visible younger and more youthful. I cannot recommend Amena and the clinic more, I will certainly be booking some of the other treatments that HFS offer. I couldn’t be happier
peace forever
peace forever
I'm extremely impress with how my skin has completely lifted, lightened and getting firmer and firmer just after two session in Star HFS Wellness Centre. I have been suffering with exzema and allergy on my face and back since a teenager which cause my complexion to be darker on my face than my body. Being afro carribbean it's even more visible than caucasian skin. I came trough recommendations and must say that is the best my skin as ever well responded to any treatments. My dark patches are fading finally. A detoxifying treatment that cleans the liver, stomach and face. This medical device been used by plastic surgeon which conclude that it goes deeper that any other device in this world. A course of treatment is necessary to see great results. I see my face is getting younger and younger after yesterday treatment at least 20 years younger. Worth every penny. Remember that this is healing the liver so will cleans any toxins that cause premature aging. While those toxins are drain with the device you will have less cravings for sweets cakes junk food. But rather eat more and fruits and vegetables will it will start being your main options. 1. Heal your skin from aging, dark patches, sun damage, aging, loss of elasticity, ezcema, acne, psoriasis, ichy skin, and even belly fat. I have still few more treatments remaining. Check their website to see my before and after photos. You will be astonished
Pamela Collins
Pamela Collins
Thank you to Aamna for my recent treatment. The practice is welcoming, safe and well managed. The massage treatment was really relaxing and enjoyable.
Ruvimbo Seda
Ruvimbo Seda
Great place for non invasive treatments. Great customer service and support. Nice to go to a clinic with friendly staff and great atmosphere. I would definitely recommend hfs wellness centre without hesitation! Thank you!!
Vikram Bhullar
Vikram Bhullar
Professional, friendly practice, flexible appointments, very helpful, practical support and impressive service.
mariam khan
mariam khan
Highly recommended for any treatment . Thanks to star ⭐️ HFS my son’s foot is healed and he can walk properly . 🙏
Muzima Zahoor
Muzima Zahoor
Having suffered from acne,acne scarring and pigmentation since the age of 12,and now being 25,i have tried almost every treatment and product on the market. I had done extensive research into the treatments HFS wellness centre offers before booking,and i was initially shocked to see such advanced medical graded equipment at an affordable price being used that i could only have access to previously in private clinics on Harley street or in Dubai and major European countries. I had a course of 10 RF treatments with HFS and i cannot begin to explain how happy i am with the results! Not only has my acne and scarring completely gone,its given me a firmer and more lifted face structure and such a glow! I am so much more confident in my skin and no longer trying to hide and cover up with makeup. Alongside my diet plan and lifestyle changes my skin consultant at HFS made for me,i am a new woman! Everyone i know has visibly seen the difference,which gave me the reassurance that this treatment really worked. I cannot recommend this clinic enough and i have already raved about it to everyone i know..i wish i could come back just to have the experience again,it was so relaxing! I will miss my consultant so much, she made me feel at ease and was so professional and knowledgable...Thank you HFS! Xx

WE WILL help you reach your beauty and fitness goals

All you have to do is sit back and relax

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